Entrusted Ministry Staff


Betsy Corning
Founder & Executive Director

Betsy Corning has devoted her life to the dual cause of discipleship and family life. Her calling to ministry began in her college years when she and her husband David received extensive training in biblical discipleship through their involvement with the Navigators Ministry

Betsy is a registered Occupational Therapist and is the Founder of Entrusted Ministries. She has extensive experience in biblical counseling as well as over 35 years in various positions of church leadership.

Her published work on parenting and family life, Entrusted with a Child’s Heart was first shared with the Moms’ ministry at their home church in 1999 and has since been distributed across the country and around the world, including several foreign language translations.

Betsy and her husband share a passion for building the body of Christ, family by family. They are the parents of three grown children and the grandparents of eight. 


Nancy McDonaugh
Director of Operations

Nancy has been a part of Entrusted from the very beginning as a participant in the first class Betsy taught back in 1999. Thankfully Nancy doesn't regret approaching Betsy that first year and offering to help. You can be sure the Lord is at work when these two gals are still best friends after all these years!

"The biblical principles of Entrusted have had a huge impact on my family personally. That is why I feel so passionate about helping others implement this curriculum in their church or neighborhood. Most young moms truly desire to be a godly wife and mother, but many of them honestly don't feel equipped for the job. The biblical teaching of Entrusted with a Child's Heart gives them the tools they need."

Nancy has been married to her husband, Jim, for 24 years and they have two grown children.


Joan Wagner
Administrative Assistant

Joan has been working with Entrusted Ministries since 2006, when she responded to a need for volunteers. Joan and her husband, Paul, have 6 children, ages 35 to 20 and 8 grandchildren. 

“My husband and I were introduced to a real relationship with the Lord at the very beginning of our marriage.  But the transition from a life lived far from Him and His ways to one where He would be honored in our family was not a quick one. We had not yet learned how to think biblically. In many ways, we were just kids ourselves, having to grow up right along with our children! Being a godly husband and wife, and raising children who love the Lord, does not come naturally.

"How I wish I had heard the teaching of Entrusted with a Child’s Heart back then! The truth is, it’s not only about parenting - it's about our own hearts before God. It saddens me to see how many parents, even Christian couples are fumbling along in ignorance, without a plan for their families. Unfortunately, and needlessly, this often results in broken marriages and strained relationships with their children.

"I can only imagine how this grieves the heart of God. He has given us everything we need in His Word. In Entrusted with a Child’s Heart, God’s ways are presented to us a little at a time, interspersed with fun anecdotes and creative ideas. What a blessing it is to hear not only the truth, but also of the grace we so desperately need as parents, spouses and as children of God, the only perfect Parent."