How did Entrusted Ministries begin? Over 25 years ago, Dave and Betsy Corning were part of a church-planting team in the northwest suburbs of Chicago. From the earliest point, it was clear that a foundation of strong families would be necessary if this young, fledgling church was going to grow and remain healthy. As they counseled with couples, Dave and Betsy observed a common theme: parents who had not been parented were trying to raise children “on their own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5-6) . They lacked an understanding of the abundance of instruction which the Bible provides regarding marriage, parenting, and family life.

When much counsel was being directed toward families in crisis, a prayer was planted in Betsy’s heart for a way to reach and teach God’s biblical plan for families. Her hope and prayer was to find a way to intervene—providing help and guidance to all who would seek it—years before they would reach the point of crisis.

Twelve years later, when Dave and Betsy were parenting four teens themselves, the church had begun a new moms’ ministry for which Betsy was asked to write the curriculum. Having had years of Bible training with the Navigators Ministry, a degree in Occupational Therapy, much experience in church leadership, (and as an “older woman”), Betsy felt as if her prayer for families was being answered. She recognized this vision as a calling from the Lord, and so the ministry of Entrusted with a Child’s Heart was born. This biblical study in parenting has since been taught to thousands of women (and now also to couples) not only in the Chicagoland area but around the world.

In 2007 Entrusted Ministries became its own 501c3 (not-for-profit) ministry whose goal is to support churches as they minister to the families God has entrusted to their care. Entrusted with a Child’s Heart  provides biblical counsel as well as a community of encouragement to mothers at all stages raising children of all ages.

Today the family is facing greater challenges than ever before as even its very definition is being questioned. Entrusted endeavors to fight for the integrity and survival of the family. This study is not based on technique or opinion. Rather, it clearly and methodically lays out God’s design from His Word—week by week, with practical application to everyday life.