How did the ministry of Entrusted with a Child's Heart begin?

Dave and Betsy Corning were founding members of a large church near Chicago. From the beginning, they developed a heart for hurting families. As they counseled couples, they noticed a common theme: parents trying to raise their children in "their own understanding" (Proverbs 3:5-6) and without an understanding of God's Word. How could they intervene on behalf of families by providing God's clear instruction for family life? The recurrent question eventually became a fervent prayer.

When a Moms' Ministry began in 1999, and Betsy was asked to teach the class, the Lord had already confirmed the calling to her. Betsy searched the Scriptures, organizing key biblical principles that would apply to each family each week regardless of the ages of children or spiritual background of the parents. Drawing from her more than 40 years as a wife and mother, Betsy developed a curriculum in which everyday life meets the immutable, inerrant, inspired Word of God. Entrusted with a Child's Heart applies biblical truth to real-life examples so that each family is able to discover the wonderful ways in which God works.

Every year, more and more women signed up for the Entrusted class and word began to spread beyond the walls of their own church. Soon, inquiries were flooding in as to how this program could be used in other settings. In 2004, Betsy's teaching was recorded on DVD. Since then, this curriculum has been taught to thousands of women across the country and around the world.

How many weeks does the ministry run?

There are 22 teaching DVDs which fit best into a ministry year (for example from September to April) of approximately 24 to 26 weeks. The additional weeks during these months allow time for extra small group days, Christmas events, and end-of-year celebrations. Help in scheduling the ministry year is one of the topics covered in our Leadership Training Manual (pdf included with purchase of DVD set).

Can I start the curriculum midyear? 

Although it is possible to start midyear, it would be difficult and not recommended. Due to the length of the curriculum, slotting it into the school year is most effective. Starting midyear would require the class to continue through summer when many participants would have trouble being consistent.

How much does the curriculum cost?

Please click here to see all of our available resources along with current price information.

Do you recommend this for use as a neighborhood Bible Study?

Yes! Many women have offered the study as a neighborhood outreach since most moms want to learn the principles of effective parenting even if they are unfamiliar with Scripture. Please remember that this study is centered on the Word of God and participants need to be willing to hear what the Bible says and apply it. 

Is this study appropriate for my unsaved friends? 

Yes! The gospel message is clearly shared in Lesson One since the foundation of building a strong family begins with faith. Every lesson then builds upon that foundation so that we are all working from the same starting point. And every year we hear testimonies of women who have come to faith in Jesus Christ through this study. 

What does a typical Entrusted Moms' Ministry day look like?

The actual ministry day can be adjusted to fit within a 1½ to 2½ hour time frame. You can adjust your schedule depending on the amount of time you have available, whether in the morning or the evening. If you offer a morning class, keep in mind that you will also need to provide a quality children's program. Here is a sample schedule based upon a 2½ hour time period.

  • Opening Time (Welcome and Announcements) - 10 minutes
  • Worship time (optional) – 30 minutes
  • DVD teaching – 1 hour
  • Transition to small groups - 5 minutes
  • Small Group time (Scripture memory, accountability, discussion, and prayer) – 45 minutes

I’m interested in this study. What would my next step be?

Please refer to How to Start a Group.

How many people do I need to get started?

If you plan on a small neighborhood group that meets in the home, you can easily lead this study on your own (although it’s nice to have a friend to help).

If you plan to offer the study at your church, depending upon your group size, it’s very helpful to have a ministry partner. In addition to helping with the oversight of the ministry, this woman may also serve as a Small Group Leader. We recommend one Small Group Leader for every six to eight moms and that each Small Group Leader has an apprentice partner who can fill in if she is unable to be there. 

Another key component will be a children's ministry team. These details are all covered in the Leadership Training Manual (pdf) which is included with the purchase of the DVD set. 

What is the purpose of the Leadership Training Manual?

Our purpose is to share a deeper understanding of the heart of our ministry and to help your Entrusted with a Child's Heart class to have the greatest impact possible. For this reason, we try to include all the details you’ll need to ensure that you are fully prepared. Our Leadership Training Manual will provide your team with enthusiasm for your fall startup and will help you think through and plan out all the details for beginning this ministry. The Manual also provides the basic content for our annual live Leadership Training (usually held in the month of May about 40 miles northwest of Chicago), which is an extremely helpful way to prepare for a great successful ministry year. Please contact us for information (or check our website in late winter) for the specific date of this year's training. Those who have attended this training in the past have thoroughly enjoyed sharing ideas with other ministry leaders and learning firsthand from the Entrusted team. If you are unable to attend the training, the pdf of the Manual will be sent to you at the time of your DVD teaching set purchase.

Can this study be done as couples?

The DVD study is designed for women’s groups. However, if you are looking for a resource for men or for couples to study, please check out our Entrusted with a Child’s Heart book format which is perfect for individuals, couples, or small groups.

*(For Book Format FAQs click here)

What ages are covered in this curriculum?

This curriculum is unique in the fact that it applies to moms at all stages with children of all ages. It is based on biblical principles which cover the full-range of parenting from infancy to college age.

Can I purchase the lessons on Audio CD instead of DVD? 

If you are doing this study on your own, the CDs provide a cost-effective option. This audio-only version of the teaching is also helpful as a lending library for moms who may miss a class. In addition, many families choose this format as a future reference tool as well as to allow husbands to hear the material outside of class. 

If you are implementing the Moms' ministry in a class or group setting, we recommend the DVDsAs mentioned above, since we strongly discourage lending out class DVDs, you may elect to purchase a set of Audio CDs as a supplemental set.

Why are there 22 DVDs and only 20 audio CDs? 

Both sets include Lessons 1-19 plus the “Read through the Bible Challenge.” However, the DVD set includes two additional lessons (“Introduction” and “Tips Day”) which feature visual components not appropriate for audio. 

What is your ministry’s statement of faith? 

Please refer to “Statement of Faith” if you wish to view our doctrinal statement of faith.

Can I do this study on my own or with my husband? 

Absolutely! It is always great when husbands and wives are on the same page in their parenting. As a matter of fact, the number one question we receive is, "How can my husband hear this material?" These lessons are available for purchase on either CD or DVD and would be great to do as a couple as long as it is understood that Betsy's originally intended audience is mothers.

As an alternative, the study is also available in a stand-alone book format, which is ideal for individuals, couples or small groups.

How much homework is involved? 

Each notebook lesson is completed as moms watch the corresponding DVD teaching during the weekly class time.

Homework consists of these two critical components: 

  • Scripture Memory* (learning 1-2 verses per week) 

  • Application of the material, especially by working through each lesson's “Homefront Application” with husbands.

*A helpful Scripture Memory CD (verses set to music) makes this fun and easy. Also, handy Scripture Memory card packs are included with each notebook.


Can I see a sample of your materials?

Yes! Samples of both a DVD lesson and Notebook page are available for viewing.