My church has used the Entrusted DVD series for women in the past. We were so excited to hear that it now is offered for couples (or men’s) groups! Is there a corresponding DVD series to go with the Book Format?

There is not a DVD series for this format. However, if you own a set of the DVDs, you might want to show the Lesson One DVD to your group on the first night of class. This DVD features Betsy’s husband Dave sharing a powerful gospel presentation and serves to introduce the Entrusted program.

How do I use Entrusted with a Child’s Heart in my couples’ group?

Have the couples read the chapter on their own during the week and follow the “Small Group Guide” at the end of each chapter for your meeting time. Also, you will find tips for getting the most out of the study on page 13 of the Book.

How many chapters are in the Book Format?

The Book has 16 chapters.

What is the difference in content between the Moms’ Ministry format and the Small group Book Format?

The content of the Book Format is almost identical to the Moms’ Ministry DVD format, with the addition of several diagrams and encouragement for couples and parents. It also includes a comprehensive “Small Group Guide” at the end of each chapter, as well as an introduction entitled, “How to Get the Most Out of This Study." 

How much does the Book cost? Are any additional materials required?

Current pricing is available by clicking here for both the Book and supplemental components you may want to consider to enhance your study. (No additional materials are required, however.) We offer a fun and extremely helpful CD featuring the Scripture Memory verses set to music. Also available is the audio CD set which, while it corresponds exactly to the Moms’ Ministry curriculum, can also be used alongside the Book Format to reinforce the principles in the Book.* This resource is also useful for those who prefer to listen as they commute or makes a great resource for either home or church libraries.

Does the Book offer any tips on marriage?

Actually, the first several chapters lay the foundation that is so critical to effective parenting. Marriage is discussed in great detail, as well as the importance of biblical and personal convictions on which to build our families.

Can I do this as a neighborhood Bible Study? 

Yes! Many groups have done this study as a neighborhood outreach. Most couples want to learn the principles of effective parenting, even if they are unfamiliar with Scripture. Please remember though that this study is centered on the Word of God, and participants need to be willing to hear what the Bible says.

Is this study appropriate for my unsaved friends? 

Yes! The gospel message is clearly shared in chapter one. The foundation of building a strong family begins with faith. Throughout the Book, we build upon that foundation so that we are all working from the same starting point. 

Can my spouse and I go through the Book on our own (without a group)?

Absolutely! It is a tremendous resource for any family. Once you’ve read/studied it through once, you can then refer back to it as your family and children go through various ages and stages.

What ages are covered in this curriculum?

This curriculum is unique in that it applies to parents at all stages with children of all ages. It is based on biblical principles which cover the full range of parenting from infancy to college age.

Do you have any suggestions for scheduling the sixteen chapters into our ministry calendar?

The curriculum fits nicely into a typical ministry year, while allowing time for Christmas and spring breaks. An alternative would be to consider splitting the book into two sections of eight weeks each. For example, you could offer “Entrusted I” in the fall, and “Entrusted II” in the spring. 

Why are there 16 chapters in the Book and 19 lessons in the Moms’ Ministry Notebook?

The Book combines some lessons into one chapter instead of two.

Are the Homefront Applications in the (Moms' Ministry) Notebook also found in the Book Format?

Yes! Each Small Group Guide concludes with a Homefront Application which is a take-home challenge for couples to apply in their own families. Also included is a Homefront Declaration where couples declare their commitment in writing.

Our time slot does not allow for all of the content of the Small Group Guide to fit into a meeting. Do you have any suggestions for shortening the meeting times?

The suggested allotment for the small group time is 2 hours. In order for your group to gain the full benefit of the curriculum, we discourage the practice of skipping any steps. If time is short, consider taking two weeks to cover a chapter.

I am afraid the couples (especially the men) won’t read the material in advance of the small group meetings. Any suggestions?

One suggestion is to have the wife read aloud while the husband listens (or vice versa). Ultimately this is up to each participant and of course they will reap what they sow. Continue to encourage them to come prepared so that they can reap the greatest benefit out of the class.

How do you encourage Scripture Memorization?

Committing the weekly verses to memory does require effort, but it will be nominal in comparison to the benefit of meditating on the key points that rest in the reliable, unchangeable and authoritative Word of God. Present this as a required assignment for your group and be sure to take time to review them during your meeting times.  Each verse is found on a perforated card at the back of the book. Also, the use of the supplemental Scripture Memory CD will help immensely in memorizing the verses. For more information on ordering the Scripture Memory CD, click here.

*Please note: While the content is very similar between the two formats, it is not laid out in the same way. For example, in some cases two lessons from the Moms' Ministry DVDs and Audio CDs are combined into one chapter in the book. As a result, we do NOT recommend trying to combine the two formats. With this caveat in mind, however, some participants may find the audio CDs to be a helpful supplement.