Class Participant Testimonials about Entrusted with a Child's Heart


Thank you so much for this study. I'm a new mom, newly married and I really had no idea what I was doing. This study has changed my life. My husband and I are now growing together in the Lord, and we are both loving and training our daughter in the Word. 

This study has taught me to focus on being a godly mother and that results are not always immediate but in the future of how my children grow in their walk with the Lord. Another benefit is I have met some incredible women who have supported me along this journey. I have felt loved, uplifted and encouraged by these women. Thank you for your dedication to creating this study and share in your knowledge of raising godly children.

The curriculum I purchased will be going to China for some missionaries to use to teach in the local church.  I will tell you that they are thrilled to be receiving this curriculum! It will really help them to equip the parents in their house churches to raise up godly children. While I have never viewed this material, my grandchildren are benefitting greatly from it! It's been a huge encouragement for my daughter and her husband as they parent their children.

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for your willingness and discipline to share what God has done in your life. You are impacting generations! I thank the Lord for you!

"What does the Bible say about that?" I want to train my mind and the mind of my children to automatically ask that question. What a joy and relief it is to have a book that answers the questions about the overwhelming subject of parenting and family. I have facilitated several groups of women using Entrusted with a Child’s Heart. Its principles, totally based on God’s Word, have healed my friends’ marriages. I have watched new believers mature in their understanding and handling of the Scriptures. We have fallen in love with our homes and our children. Most precious to me is the confirmation that God’s Word is more than enough…the only thing I can entrust my family with. Thank you for sharing this godly wisdom with us, Betsy.

You have been such a blessing and inspiration to me. As a mother of three, I am trying every day to be more godly and organized. You have given us so many wonderful ideas and Scripture to help us through our everyday struggles. We will all take what you have said and use it. This was the best study! We cried and laughed together with you. We thank you for all you have done, and will forever be grateful and blessed by you!!

I can honestly say that it has been a pivotal point for me (and my family) in this journey we are on in walking with Jesus, serving Him, and raising up our children to do the same. I have been a believer for some time but now feel so much more accountable to following God's Word (and have a passion to do so) rather than just looking at it as good ‘suggestions’ on how to live.

You could never know how grateful I have been for your class. How the Lord touched and challenged all of us through your words! Your teaching on biblical convictions, personal convictions and preferences removed a huge burden from my heart as to how to lead my children in the ways of God along with my husband.

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for your wonderful and enlightening study, Entrusted with a Child's Heart. As a mother of an energetic and curious two-year-old, I am just beginning to put into practice many of your teachings, and they hold unspeakable value to me.

Right from the first day, my heart warmed to the words you spoke and the personal examples you used. I knew God had directed you to put this together and you were following Him to complete it. I too have a desire to help younger women raise their children after God's design and establish their homes to please Him. I am amazed at how much your study teaches and each week as we started our discussion, I was challenged and encouraged to keep on with my own children (now almost grown) and also found my understanding of God's design for my marriage was expanded.

We are so thankful for Entrusted With a Child’s Heart!
Last fall, John and I read through Entrusted together. We would each read a chapter and then spend a night discussing the ways we needed to apply what we were learning or sharpen what we were already doing.  We found the material so amazingly helpful, powerful, transforming, and packed full of God’s Word!
Entrusted can be viewed as a textbook for having a God-centered, Bible-based family. It covers marriage, parenting, roles, teen years, training, and everything in between.
Entrusted helped us think through our own personal convictions about slumber parties, dating, and many other topics we may not have thought of on our own. It also helped us formulate some of our “house” rules and things we want our boys to look back and say, “Mom and Dad always said_______.”
Having three sons, ages 2 to 7, we found that there were many practical applications we could put into place immediately. Again because it’s so biblically sound, we found these truths to be timeless!
 We know that Entrusted will be a book we read and re-read as our sons grow up (especially the chapter on helping your children develop spiritual disciplines as they get older!).
 After about 3 or 4 chapters my husband said, “We’re not buying any more clothes for baby showers, we’re only going to give copies of this book to new parents!” We’ve had two baby showers since, and both moms received
Thank you so much for writing this book! Our prayer is that many families will be deeply impacted by the truths contained in it.

Thank you for helping me to see the godly ways of bringing up my children instead of the worldly ways. God has blessed my family so much through this study. So thank you for all of your wisdom, time, talents, and for putting your heart into this study. It has reaped so many blessings for myself, my family and all the great ladies in our group. I join you in your phrase, "May we all raise our families to the glory of God."

This class has also given me excellent direction in how to parent biblically— from convictions to authority to discipline, I have an outline of what God says. I have realized I can do none of this on my own strength but continue to pray that God would fill me and teach me.

God's truth has given me a better understanding of my role as a wife and mother; this has strengthened my marriage as I focus more on being a helpmate and homemaker and allow him to do his role as well as persevering as a mother. I am finding joy in my God-given role and understanding the important impact I have on our child and how God has called me to nurture him. It is an eternal investment!

Through your teaching I have been inspired, challenged, convicted, enlightened, and deeply moved. You have given me the encouragement I need to stay the course on being a godly mother and wife. My husband will call in the afternoon to find out what I’ve learned, often commenting, "Her wisdom is amazing!"

I took your class last year, too. I repeated it because I felt that it was so foundational and important in my role as a mother. There are so many lessons that I was so convicted by, but I just wanted to mention one: Our Foundation: The Word of God was really critical for me. God used you in my life to convict me that I was just not taking seriously enough the Word of God. I also really appreciated your challenge to deepen our family convictions. This has brought about so much good discussion in our marriage and I know will bring good things in the lives of our children.

The young women in my group made comments like, "I wish every day was Tuesday," and "We treasure Tuesday mornings."

You have weaved a better a picture and example of what staying true to God's plan for life can hold for each of us. God used you in my life to point me back to Him fully in my marriage and parenting.

I appreciate the consistency of this study week after week, building on each week's concepts. This is clearly a work of God as He is seen on every page.

I appreciate the amazing structure of the organized, readable in paragraph form, filled with Scripture, both reference and whole passage.

You have presented God's Word in such a way that is so practical and makes us think about what we believe.

I feel like I am a new person on the inside from taking this class.

Attending Entrusted with a Child's Heart each week has been so enjoyable and I have learned so much—particularly from your example of being passionate about God's Word. Thanks for presenting the lesson each week with enthusiasm, humor, personal stories, plenty of Scripture and clarity of speech.

It has been a joy to learn verses as we go and I am determined to keep them memorized. It is so true that they come to mind just at the right time, giving me confidence and boldness as I love, teach and discipline my children.

We celebrated the relationships that have developed and the learning that has taken place in our lives. Many of our moms feel as though they know you as a mentor and a friend. Our women have truly been blessed by you and the Lord's hand upon your life in this vital ministry to moms.

We have all learned so much from your teaching each week, and we look forward to taking the class again and again over the years to come as our children reach different phases. It has been a real answer to prayer to meet and get to know the ladies at my table. We were all in need of friends at the same stage of life, and God provided that through Entrusted.

How could I ever tell you how much you have blessed our family? Your wisdom, guidance, firm teaching and application of Scripture to our lives as wives and moms have been priceless to my family. Even reading Christian books on parenting has never helped me apply God's principles to my family as you have shown us.

Each week I've look forward to what God's Word would reveal to me. I believe that the ripple effect of your teaching will allow us to leave a legacy of God's truth to our children, their children, and so on.

Thanks for encouraging me that it can start with me—that I can be the first generation to pass the baton and raise children who will also pass on the baton of faith to their children. That's exciting and gives me a lot to hope.

How do you say thank you to someone God has used to change every are of your life? I came into this study believing that I would get some great tips and advice but I quickly realized that I would receive so much more. Imagine my surprise to be at a "parenting" study while having my marriage beliefs shaped and strengthened? Thank you seems inadequate to express my gratitude for this study.

I like how you keep emphasizing the fact that we don’t need to know the counterfeits to choose God, we just have to know God so well to see that everything else is a counterfeit. Today’s culture tells us to get informed, know everything, but why? We know the truth, and that everything else is not the truth.

I have gained a big picture perspective that has effectively shrunk the intensity of the moment...specifically moments of fatigue, discouragement, and frustration.

I will continue to encourage every mom I know to sign up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Thank you Lord for using Betsy and her family. My family was good before but now it is great! This study has brought a harmony to our lives that was not there before. One thing that stands out is when Emily went through those troubled years and you and your husband went to WAR for her and gave everything you had to to help her through an guide her back to the Lord. I have a troubled past as well and I wish someone would have gone to war for me. I have a strong willed child and one that's easy-going and I know now what I have to do if she goes down the hard road. I'm ready to fight for her!!! Thanks to you, thanks to the Lord! 

They say kids don’t come with instructions, but they do now!


You know, I brought it back to Korea to do this study with our ladies in our church, and it was a hit! They have since begun their second round already, and this time, with more Korean-speaking moms, so this term's leader has been translating the material into Korean so she can explain to the non-English speakers during the study. During the course of the first couple sessions, one lady even came to Christ! So it's been very very exciting and a great blessing, as there were some concerns about how it would transfer culturally. There are some subjects that need more explaining, due to cultural differences, and because some of the ladies do not have a Christian background. But so far, a wonderful study and perfect for where our church is right now!

Thank you so much for your continued faithfulness to this ministry - I know several of my friends back home are in the midst of their studies as well, in their respective churches. What a blessing! There have been so many comments, right off the bat, that initially, the ladies wanted to learn tips on being a better mom, but they are constantly being challenged to be godly women and wives first, which has been an unexpected blessing as they explore some deeper areas of their lives which would not have been looked at otherwise.

So a very big thank you for your ministry from Korea!! :)

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