Using Entrusted Scripture Memory Cards After You’ve Taken the Class


I love the Scripture Memory Cards that were included with my Entrusted Notebook! They were helpful and adorable! As I was purging for my recent move, I came across them. I knew I wanted to keep them, but I wasn’t sure how to utilize them after the initial memorization practice. A few fun ideas came to mind that I’d like to share so you can play them with your kids!


  1. Let your kiddos quiz you in the car! As moms we are often trying to make the best use of our time.  I know many a mom that uses the drive to Awana or school to quiz her child on math facts or Bible verses. What about reversing the roles a bit? Give the packet of verses to one of your children. Have them give you a reference, or just the first three words. See if you can finish the verse correctly. My son had a BLAST testing me, and it reinforced the verses for him. It also provides some extra reading practice.

  2. Play “Memory” with the the Memory Cards. Place all the cards face down in classic Memory fashion. Take turns selecting 1 card at a time. If you or your child knows the verse, say it for the group, and keep that card. If you make a mistake, place the card face down where you found it. On your next turn, try to say it correctly, and keep the card if you do. The one with the most cards at the end of the game gets a prize! Allow your kids to sing the verse to you if it helps them. Maybe you want to sing your verses too… :)

  3. For older children, guide them in putting the verses in the order they appear in the Bible. Use the Table of Contents in your Bible to help them.

  4. Separate the verses into categories. You can let your kids create the categories, or give them some ideas to start with. Examples: Wisdom/Practical Advice, Encouragement, Blessings of Obedience, etc…

  5. Select the verses that you and your kids really need to meditate upon, and tape them to bathroom mirrors to be read while they are brushing their teeth. The kitchen sink is a great place for verses for moms. Make sure you change it frequently so it doesn’t slip from your mind.

You can also create your own memory cards with your kids! Write verses you are focusing on at home (or that they’ve learned at Awana or school) on index cards. Cut them in half if you can fit the verses on that space, and paste each card to a small rectangle of scrapbook paper. Laminate them if you can. This way your cards will have a fun pattern, just like the Entrusted cards. Buy a cute container to keep all of your cards in, so you can go back and play with old sets. Play the above games with your new cards to get God’s Word in their little hearts! They are sponges--let’s use that for God’s glory!

Posted on September 14, 2016 and filed under Building Your Faith.