Real Entrusted Moms: Amy Zurowski


One of the best things about Entrusted Ministries is the connection that it fosters between moms. The relationships we form with other mothers are a lifeline to sanity when parenting seems overwhelming. We are encouraged by their empathy, strengthened by their support, and comforted by their prayers. It is a beautiful thing to do this mom-life together.

And because it feels so good to hear from others who are going through the exact same thing you are, we decided to do a series of interviews with real moms from our community.

Today we’d like to introduce you to Amy Zurowski, a mom of three, blogger and worship leader whom we met through church and the Entrusted with a Child’s Heart class. We love Amy’s heart for the Lord and for her family!


EM: How many kids do you have, and how old are they?                      

AZ: I have three girls. Adelyn is 12, Katherine is 9 and Isabella is 4.

EM: How old were your kids when you took the class, and how did it change your parenting?

AZ: Addy was 9 months old when I first took the class and I felt like it prepared me for what was coming. I took the class again when Addy was 4 and Kate was 1. In taking it a second time and Addy being older, I was able to reinforce more of the principles on a daily basis.  

 EM: What’s your favorite thing about being a mom?

 AZ: Some of my favorite things about being a mom are loving them, seeing them grow and desiring to train them up to have a heart after the Lord.  

EM: What is your greatest struggle as a mom/ what are the areas you feel like you’re falling short in? How has this grown your walk with the Lord?

AZ: Patience is probably my greatest area of struggle. I surmise my expectations are too high for my girlies at times. I often forget that part of training them is teaching them and that they don’t automatically know what’s okay and what isn’t.

Through the different seasons of my girls’ lives, the Lord has taught me again and again (patiently, unlike myself) the importance of my apology to them for my mistakes. As humbling as it is to apologize to your children, the Lord in turn teaches me His grace and unending forgiveness. My girls are always quick to say they forgive me, which always stirs in me a renewed sense of awe for their tender little hearts.

EM: You have an incredible heart for worship. How do you strive to impart this in your daughters?

AZ: That is kind, thank you. Some ways I impart a heart of worship in my girls are by speaking truth into their lives each morning, praying with and for them, and Scripture memory. My hope is that it fosters in their hearts a desire to worship the Lord in everyday life.

EM: You’ve had some major transitions as a family over the past few years (moving/job search). Would you mind sharing how it has affected your parenting/marriage and how you’ve seen God’s faithfulness in it?

AZ: I could probably write a whole book on the questions you asked, but I will keep it to a minimum for the sake of the interview.:)

Yes, much transition has transpired over the last couple of years. My husband has been a pastor for over 15 years and he resigned from his job in July of 2015. We moved back with my parents and because we weren’t sure of the timing of his next job, we decided we would homeschool our girls and use this time to focus on our family.

This transition affected my parenting drastically, because not only was I their mom, I had become their teacher as well. Since both older girls had gone to public school their entire life, this was, to say the least, a grand adventure of sorts. Let me just say that homeschool is not in my wheelhouse, although the Lord used it in many different ways to grow both the girls and myself. I was able to get to know their hearts on a deeper level by being with them each day and it also afforded me the chance to work one-on-one on some character areas that needed growth.  

Our goal was to be more intentional as a family. Looking back over the last year I am thankful that the Lord allowed that for us. Early on in this season we got some advice from friends and thus decided to bring the girls into the process we were all going through. They could either feel the affects of it without really knowing what was happening or we could process and pray as a family and answer any questions they had. Never have we been stronger as a family than we are now.

Mark and I have been married 15 years and thankfully have been the best of friends the entire time. However, this transition also brought a huge amount of stress into our marriage. We had never really been fighters before, but soon learned that it was super easy to take our stress out on one another. The Lord showed us that we had to be each other’s greatest advocate and to be supportive in a different way than normal. One thing I learned is that I had to be intentional about building my husband up verbally, for even though I internally knew that God had gifted him to be an incredible, godly man—in this season—he would need to hear those things from me more often.

As we continue to walk through this transition and yes, I would even dare say trial, I feel the Lord’s presence so much more than ever before. My heart has been forced to reckon through many things this past year and through that, the Lord has deepened my faith and anchored my heart more to His own. I no longer take things for granted like I once did, and I pray Lord willing I never will again.

EM: God blessed you with three daughters. What are the biggest lessons you want to impart in them as ladies?

AZ: There are many things we want them to learn, but mostly we want them to know without a shadow of a doubt that they are highly valuable little ladies. We tell them daily that their identity is found in the Lord, that they are very special and that there is no one like them. We tell them that He (the Lord) has called them by name and they are His and that they are beautiful on the inside and the outside. We want them to be strong, independent girls who know who they are and have a heart after God’s heart. We believe and tell them they have been marked by trials and circumstances which we wouldn’t have chosen for them, and yet God has deemed it necessary for their growth. And with that we believe, and tell them, comes responsibility and that God has a plan for their life, to prosper and not to harm, to give them a hope and a future.

EM: We like to ask a few questions that are just fun. By what time of the morning (or afternoon!) are you out of pajamas?

AZ: I am out of my pajamas at around 5:30 in the morning. I am an avid runner and it (and the Lord) keep me sane :)

 EM: What are your favorite school lunch combinations to pack?

AZ: Oh I wish I could say I am creative when it comes to lunches but alas, I am not. They get a sandwich, fruit, raw veggie and some sort of cracker.

 EM: Describe your personality in 3 words.

 AZ: Strong, compassionate, outgoing

Thank you Amy, for sharing your heart with us. We are excited to announce that Amy will be a new writer for our Entrusted blog! We are so looking forward to reading along as God grows and teaches her, and for you to get a chance to know and love her as we do. Stay tuned!

Posted on September 28, 2016 .