Read Through The Bible Challenge

Looking for a great way to dig into God's Word this year? Then join us in our Read through the Bible Challenge. Our Chronological two year schedule will pace your reading at one to two chapters per day. You can start any time.
One of the great benefits of reading through the Bible chronologically is that you are able to better understand the events in the order that they occurred. 

For instance, while reading through the historical accounts of David's struggles with Saul and his battles against other armies, you will also be reading his corresponding prayers and praises recorded in the Psalms. Then read the history of Israel and their various kings while following the related warnings and prophecies of the prophets to Israel at that time.

And in the New Testament... follow Paul's journeys through Acts as you read the letters he wrote to the churches and learn more about what he was teaching each of them as he visited.

Ready to get started, but didn't start on January 1st?? That's okay. Jump in ANYTIME. The important part is that you're regularly digging into God's Word. Come join us!! 

Click here to print the schedule.

Posted on December 30, 2015 and filed under Building Your Faith.