Prayer Snowflakes


One of the best mom tips I’ve ever been given was to write prayer requests on popsicle sticks. Before meals, we have our kids pick a stick or two to pray over. When the prayer is answered, we write the date on the back and the stick goes into a new jar. (Read a little more about this inspired idea here:

Recently we bought a new home. I wish I could say it was one of those, “It sold on the first day!” or “We had multiple offers!” stories. It wasn’t. Our home was on the market for a lot longer than we expected, with three boys 5 and under helping us “stage.” Even though our family underwent three surgeries during this time, it would turn out that the time being on the market seemed like the easy part. After the contract was accepted, we  faced multiple inspection issues, our buyer’s financing delayed our move three times, and we found this out after our home was already packed up and our moving pods were loaded. Because of all the date changes, almost all of our moving help had to cancel, and our new moving date overlapped with my new job start. Although certainly not the biggest trial we have gone through, Travis and I were chomping at the bit to close this chapter!

As we were unpacking our boxes the morning after the move, my sweet popsicle-praying friend came through the door with a gift bag. Inside were some very thoughtful, generous treasures, but one in particular melted my heart. She and her children had made a snowflake ornament out of the answered prayer stick. The simplicity of the gift and the devotion of a faithful sister in Christ touched me deeply. I knew she hadn’t just said she would pray for our situation. Her family was part of the reason we were in our new home.

Prayer Snowflakes-2.png

When Christmas came, I was thrilled to put the snowflake on our tree. I had the thought that we should make more ornaments out of our answered prayer sticks… yet my December got a little too full. Instead, I decided to make some now so that they are ready next winter. In addition, I want to copy my sweet friend and make some gifts. Knowing a friend prayed you through a trial is a treasure. I’m excited to pass these reminders of God’s faithfulness on to friends and family members. One of the best parts of this is that little ones can help with each step except the gluing. So they can pray, create, and give! May they be truly impacted by their role in the Kingdom!


Glue gun
Popsicle sticks
Beads and gems
Glitter (optional)
Paint (optional)
String or Fishing Line


1. The wood color of the popsicle sticks is nice, but I wanted to try some with a whitewash of paint. I used my kids’ finger paint and it worked well. While the sticks are still wet, sprinkle with glitter.

Prayer Snowflakes-3.png

2. After the paint is dry, glue the sticks into the shape of snowflakes. I used three sticks for this step, knowing I would place the “answered prayer stick” horizontally on the top later.  


3. Line up the final craft stick. Before you glue it down, cut a 6-inch piece of fishing line or string. As you glue the final popsicle stick, slide the ends of the fishing line into the glue. This will give you a way to hang the ornament.


4. Glue beads and gems onto the craft sticks as you and your kiddos like! 


5. Turn your ornament over, and write “Answered” and the date on a stick. This is the best part!


6. Hang in your home, save it for Christmas, or give to a friend. I am making duplicates of some our most exciting miracles. That way we can bless someone else, and we can remember them as we hang them on our tree each year.

I love how simple, inexpensive, and powerful this activity is. May it bless you and your children as you seek to be faithful in your prayer lives!

Posted on January 11, 2017 and filed under Building Your Family.