How to fold a towel

Have you ever wondered how catalogs and retail stores have such perfectly folded towels gracing their covers and shelves? There is a simple formula I learned in my days as a stylist for a high end home retailer, and I’m going to share it with you!


Rather than bore you with a long-winded set of scary instructions, I’ve made a simple infographic you can pin and revisit with ease. (Because seriously, you are apparently already folding laundry so I’m not here to make your day even worse.)

Get ready to rock your linen closet.

Now your average stack of towels needs no more coddling than this. But a few of you were actually brave enough to install open shelving in your bathroom, and you genuinely want to know how to have PERFECT towels.

For those of you, I will tell you these additional pro tips.

  • Consistency is key. You are looking for stacks of towels that have perfectly spaced, perfectly horizontal lines when you stack them. Poke some; squish others, until they are all uniform in thickness.
  • That little stripe down the outside edge of the towels is called a dobby. Make sure its edges form straight lines from one towel down to the next when you stack them.
  • Create the stack of towels before you place them, and set them on the shelf all at once, rather than placing one towel at a time. This keeps them more uniform.
  •  Run your fingers along the inside creases so there is no bunched up fabric as you fold.
  •  Smooth the wrinkles out at every step in the folding process. Here is where you’ve decided I have a compulsive disorder and you’re never doing this. But trust me, just smooth the wrinkles and it makes all the difference in your end result. Two seconds. You can do it.

And that’s all there is to it. Easy right? Happy folding!

Posted on April 13, 2016 and filed under Building Your Home.