Home is where the heart is: making your house your home


Home can be a tricky thing for us mamas in the cray of daily life. We want home to be a place where we walk in the door and it puts a smile on our face. A place that brings life, cheer and relaxation. 

Sometimes though, in the daily-ness of life and the doing "all the things," the prospect of making our houses feel like OUR homes gets pushed to the side.

I know this full well. Five kids in school and soccer, teaching art, leading a Bible study and so on... you get the idea or maybe you're even thinking, Hmm… that sounds like my life!  The reality is that daily life is full. Too full sometimes. 

Making a house home easily gets put on the back burner. But, I want to take a moment to encourage you that all the touches you bring to your house—as THE mom—matter. Making your house a place that reflects your loves, passions and style matters. Pouring your heart into your home to create an inviting, warm space matters.  

This doesn't mean you have to have an unlimited budget enabling you to just go buy whatever your heart desires. Rather, this means taking some time, a few minutes here and there, to intentionally walk through your house and decide what you want to tweak or what look you want in each room. 

So here are a few quick ideas in case you’re thinking, That sounds great but I have no clue where to start!

1. A good starting place is a new fresh plant that you love. I found one this weekend at Home Depot. A quick trip to a Goodwill or great thrift store to find the pot for it to sit in, and suddenly the corner on that shelf brings a bit of cheer and personality to the room.


2. If you really hate your lamps and your budget is small, Goodwill is also the place, girls. Recently, I bought two hideously painted lamps. I bought them knowing I was going to spray paint them white and they turned out amazing. So find a lamp you love for its shape, give it a couple coats of spray paint and pick up a cute shade at Walmart or Target. Boom! Lamp magic!


3. Selling what you have on Craigslist to buy something new or different is also a great way to change things up in your home—without spending anything! I recently did this with my boys’ beds. I sold their bunk beds and loft bed on Craigslist and purchased three black twin beds for the same amount. This has given me the opportunity to change the whole look and feel of their room. They are getting the Steelers football room they have always wanted.  Bless Craigslist! 

4. Moving furniture around also provides a fresh new look. Think through the flow of your house and what would work best for your family: creating intentional spaces for homework, play areas if you have littles, or arranging furniture with hospitality in mind. 

Don't be afraid to "break the rules."  Do what YOU love in your home. Not what Pinterest pictures or fixer upper shows tell you to do. Create spaces that make your heart happy. This in turn will make your family’s hearts happy.  

So make it your intention in the next couple weeks to pour some of your heart into your home. ❤️

Posted on April 26, 2017 and filed under Building Your Home.