"Hashtag, I'm the mom!" Free printable


This month’s just-for-fun freebie is a reminder for those times when your kids want to get you on the merry-go-round. You know that frustrating cycle of arguing, sassing, back-talking, whining, compromising, or whatever other trick up your kid’s sleeve that somehow gets you to backtrack on what you just said?


Betsy calls that getting on the merry-go-round in her Entrusted with a Child’s Heart class, and cautions you NOT to go for a ride.

Heidi really hit it on the head when she said in her recent interview that she has to remind her daughter, “We don't argue. I am not a kid; I am your mom.” Of course we are not harsh dictators or unjust authoritarians. The aim of our charge is love, and the goal of discipline is to produce the peaceful fruit of righteousness. Sometimes healthy discussion is welcome and necessary. But sometimes, you just have to look your kid in the eye and say, “Hashtag, I’m the Mom!” I’ve found myself saying it so many times lately, I’m tempted to put it on a t-shirt!

 Until then, I’m hanging up this little printable in my kitchen. Among all the notes and pictures and homework sheets screaming at me from the fridge, this one is to remind me that I am in charge, and it’s for my kids’ good. We are responsible for raising good citizens, not people who think we’re awesome. It’s our job to make the hard calls (and by the way, who warned us that this was motherhood?! It was supposed to be all fun and snuggles all the time...isn’t that how the diaper commercials framed it?!) It’s not easy, but it’s necessary. Someone has to be the mom, and God has said you are it!


I know how creative ya’ll are...why stop at a 5 x 7 on the fridge? This download has the mantra in lots of candy colors, and I can imagine it as a greeting card of encouragement, a gift tag or a bookmark. What will you do with it?

Download the Free “#imthemom” Printable Here! 

Posted on October 26, 2016 and filed under Building Your Family.