Entrusted Recipes: Spicy Sauteed Asparagus


This year I’ve been making a concerted effort to eat cleaner and healthier, and avoid processed foods. This lifestyle does not come naturally or easily to me. I’d much rather grab a cold slice of leftover pizza out of the fridge and move on with my life. But as it turns out, cooking is necessary if you want to eat healthier. If I can’t get food out of a can or a box or a drive-thru, then I’m going to have to cook.

This recipe was born of desperation for a snack and not a lot left in the fridge. It was grocery day and I only had a few fresh foods in the house, one of which was asparagus. I was so hungry, all I wanted to do was cook it the fastest way possible. I ended up feverishly breaking it into small pieces over a hot-oil skillet, sprinkling some seasonings, and had a snack three minutes later. It was unexpectedly delicious! I’ve made it several times since as a side dish and have loved it every time.


Serves 1-2

2 T. Olive Oil
½ Bunch Fresh Asparagus
Crushed Red Pepper, to taste
Garlic (Freeze Dried), to taste
Sea Salt, to taste





  1. Pour olive oil in skillet and turn heat to medium-high.
  2. While oil is warming, rinse and pat dry asparagus.
  3. Bend asparagus over skillet to break stalks into small bite-size pieces, throwing them into the pan as you break them.
  4. Once all are broken into the pan, give the skillet a shake or stir with a spatula to evenly coat with oil and avoid burning. The asparagus should be bright green and sizzling by now.
  5. Shake a small amount of freeze-dried garlic and crushed red pepper into the pan and stir. (I used about ¼ tsp. of garlic and ⅛ tsp. of red pepper, but feel free to add more if you are a fan of spicy food).
  6. Sprinkle sea salt, to taste, and give another stir.
  7. Pour onto a plate and serve immediately.

The whole process from start to finish should take 2-3 minutes. Since you add the asparagus to the pan over the course of time as you break it, instead of all at once, some pieces end up brown and crispy, and others are more al dente. It’s a great mix. Altogether, you’ll know they are done cooking when they are all bright green and hot, but still crisp. Enjoy!

Posted on April 5, 2017 and filed under Building Your Home.