Eight Ways to Promote Your Entrusted Study this Fall

We are so excited about the many new and returning groups who will be starting Entrusted with a Child's Heart this fall. If you haven't decided yet, please don't hesitate to give us a call with any questions. We're here to help!!




As you prepare for your upcoming Entrusted groups, here are some ideas to help you spread the word to others.

  • Advertise the class in your church bulletin or on your church website.  (Feel free to use wording from our website or these small or large downloadable images in your description.)
  • Play the Testimonial Videos found on our website during your church's  announcements time slot on Sunday.
  • Order our colorful Entrusted posters and place them around your church, neighborhood or community.
  • Send or pass out Entrusted postcards to moms at your church, your neighborhood, or even the park.
  • Invite neighbors over for coffee and show them a testimonial video in your home.
  • Place an announcement in the community section of your local newspaper.
  • Advertise on your personal or church Facebook or Twitter page and link to our website.
  • Let us know about your group so we can be sure to include you on our website "Class Locations" list. This will help those in your area looking for an Entrusted class to find you!

And finally, don't forget above all else, to PRAY. Pray for families whom God might draw to your study. Helping one family can set a new course for generations to come.

May He bless each of you as you begin your studies!

Posted on July 15, 2015 .