Easy Easter Table Inspiration

You guys know I am all about a quick & easy tablescape, so here is some inspiration for your Easter spread!

First up, grab your white dishes. You’ve bought those by now, right? They go with everything!


Next, flowers are essential. Here are a few tips & tricks:

  • Stick with one kind of bloom per container. It gives the flowers more impact.
  • Use clear glass vessels “found” around the house. Mason jars, jelly jars, and old glass soda bottles make great vases.
  • Vary the heights of your arrangements. Here, I made a “runner” down the center of the table using two tall arrangements of cherry blossoms, and three smaller vases of tulips in between. 
  • Odd numbers make a more attractive grouping. When choosing stems for a vase, choose 3 over 4, or 7 over 8. When grouping vases, choose 5 over 6. You get the idea.

Lastly, you need some eggs! I still appreciate the old-fashioned system of egg coloring that I employed last year. No need to overcomplicate this if you are short on time. This year, I limited my color pallette to two or three colors (mainly pink and brown), and left the eggs in the dye for less time. The result was more pastel and less vibrant. Like the flowers, grouping individual colors of eggs in each vessel gives them more impact. You can dot your table with eggs in white bowls. As with flowers, varied heights are more pleasing, so you can use cake stands to elevate some of the bowls.

So there you have it! A three-ingredient Easter table that is guest-worthy, but so simple you’ll have plenty of time left over to cook.

Happy Easter!

Posted on March 23, 2016 and filed under Building Your Home.