DIY Decorative Storage Bins

Once you move past the toddler stage, kids toys become smaller. And yet they seem more unmanageable than ever. Now instead of randomly blinking and singing at you from across the room and taking up acres of floor space, they attack in more stealthy ways. 

My personal favorite is when you accidentally step on one in the middle of the night and fully expect the resulting injury to lead to foot amputation.

This DIY won’t necessarily solve your problem, but it is pretty darn cute, and will at least make you feel like you’re doing something to save your sanity (and your limbs).



“FLYT” magazine file storage bins from IKEA. (Under $2 for a pack of 5)

12 x 12 scrapbook paper, one piece of paper per storage bin.

Mod Podge (Matte finish)

Pencil & Scissors

Chalkboard labels (available at craft stores like Hobby Lobby)

Chalk or chalk pen

Decorative Toy Storage


1.     Assemble the bin according to the package directions.

2.     Lay the bin on the white side of your scrapbook paper, spine side down.

3.     Trace the outline of the bin, including the hole, with a pencil & cut it out.

4.     Cover the spine of the bin with Mod Podge and smooth the scrapbook paper onto it, then cover with another layer of Mod Podge.

5.     Once dry, add a chalkboard label and use chalk to label the contents.

6.     Corral your toys!

DIY toy bins

We sometimes use gallon Ziploc bags to grab the toys and then easily plop them in to the bins. This makes for a quick portable way to take them out and play too, rather than just being dumped. Theoretically, your child could put one bag back before taking out the next to play. (Let me know how that’s going at your house)!

This craft is very inexpensive and has a lot of different applications beyond toys. A teen could use these to organize paperwork or art, and I have several of them in my office. It’s amazing all the different ways you’ll find to use them. Enjoy!

Posted on February 11, 2015 and filed under Building Your Home.