"Day Dating": 8 fun ways to spend a date with your spouse


As a married couple of 15 years, I can probably count on one hand how many “day dates” my husband and I have had since we've been married. Saturdays become filled with sitting in chairs on soccer and football fields, catching up on household projects and doing loads of laundry while trying to keep the children on task with their Saturday chores. All good things.

BUT! Every once in awhile, it will do us well to change up the regular routine and pace of life and take a minute. Plan a day date. This could even be on a Sunday.

 Here's the breakdown of the one I planned.

1.     Drop all the kids off to the grandparents either right around bedtime the night before or early the morning of the date day.

2.     Go get the fancy coffee.

3.     Enjoy the drive of the adventure you are off to. Maybe even play a ridiculous game as you drive. “Fortunately and Unfortunately” is always a good one for a lot of laughing. (One person begins a sentence by saying “Fortunately…,” the other responds with a sentence that begins with “Unfortunately...,” in the same line of thought, e.g., “Fortunately we are drinking this wonderful coffee.” “Unfortunately, I think I am going to throw it up on the zip line.” If you can count to 5 before the other person gets their sentence started you get to yell, “Strike!” Three strikes and they’re out.)

4.     Do an activity that is a little adventurous. I picked a zip-lining outing we had heard about but it was too expensive to take the whole family on. (2 hours of zip lining on 9 different lines up in the mountains... and yes, I am afraid of heights but ladies we've had babies! Surely we can zip line!)

5.     Pack a yummy picnic or research ahead to find a local hole in the wall diner or cafe to stop at.

6.     After eating spend a few precious minutes praying for each other. When do we really ever get time to just sit and hear our husband pray over us as a wife and vice versa?


7.     On the way back stop at a store. This could be anywhere that you like: Target, Anthropology, Kohl’s........and buy a candle—one you will love to burn in your home. Every time you light that candle, while you’re cooking dinner, walking across the kitchen with a toddler on your leg or sifting through mounds of school papers to find that late paper your crying child lost.... during all the things, it will remind you for a quick minute of that day date you had with the man you get to spend the rest of your life with and love.

8.     Lastly, make sure you snap a photo on your date, one you can later print and start a date wall in your bedroom. Mine is simple. A string attached with two nails, small clothespins to which I glued gold glitter (‘cause why not add some dazzle to the frazzle of everyday life?), and a quick picture app I'm using for my "date wall" pictures. So go on and plan a day date. It will be so worth the effort!

 Happy “Day Dating”!

Posted on November 2, 2016 and filed under Building Your Family.