4 Simple Ways to Make a Temporary House Feel Like Home


A move to a new temporary house can create a little upheaval...ok a lot! But that doesn’t mean your new house can’t feel like home.

I don’t know what kind of circumstances you are going through in your life or where this read finds you, but we can rest in the knowledge and truth that Jesus sees and loves us deeply — no matter where we are.

If you are in the process of making a temporary house a home, that could mean several things: God led and directed you out of where you lived, you’ve had a job transfer or loss, a military reassignment or simply moving across town or to a different neighborhood. Regardless of the why, we all seem to have an inner desire to feel at “home” wherever we live.

Our family has lived in five different houses in the past seven years. That, my friends, is a lot of packing and unpacking. My husband and I have come to realize that wherever we live, it needs to be a haven for our family.

Through my own seemingly endless process of moving, I have picked up a few tricks to make our house feel like a home. Here are 4 simple steps that have made a significant difference for us:

1.     De-clutter and unpack the main living area ASAP. This has been a helpful one for our family. Even for my own sanity! To have my kitchen and living room unpacked and put together makes unpacking in other areas bearable. It also fosters a bit of normalcy for the kids to have their “play/hangout” environment intact.

2.     Prioritize the unpacking. If this is a temporary situation due to a job, rental, etc., you might not want to unpack everything. However, unpacking the “essentials” will help to make your family feel like they are at home. For example, I love to cook and bake. In fact, I would say the majority of my days are spent in the kitchen. If I don’t have my cooking or baking gadgets I would not spend as much time in the kitchen, thus leading to less routine and normalcy for the family and myself.


3.     Family photos are a must. Family pictures and pictures of my three girlies are my favorites. When you add pictures to your home, whether on the wall or on a side table, it fosters a depth to your environment and gives it the personal feel that makes it home.

4.     Live plants create beauty. Or let’s be honest. To this black-thumb gardener, fake plants create it too. I have had a long history of killing lovely plants. BUT, since succulents have made their debut in décor, I just might have started to earn my green thumb. Succulents are hardy little plants that don’t take a lot of special care. They are also inexpensive and are available in a myriad of kinds to experiment with. There is something about plants around the house that help create that warm, homey feel.


As you can see, without a whole lot of effort, you can make that temporary dwelling place feel like home. So if your family is a bit unsettled these days, I hope you find these simple suggestions helpful.

Happy homemaking!

Posted on February 22, 2017 and filed under Building Your Home.