1 Peter 2:9 Printable Jar Label


A while back, a blog friend of mine created her own candle labels, and that has always stuck with me as such a clever idea! For our “Entrusted Freebie” this time around, I decided to do something similar, and create a label with a beloved verse that you can use on a vase, jar, or candle. It looks like an old fashioned apothecary label, but it’s Scripture!

1 Peter 2:9 is my daughter’s school memory verse this week and I cannot get it out of my head. It is such a beautiful truth about our identity in Christ, what he has done for us, and as I meditate on it, the excellencies of God just ring through my mind. He is so wonderful!

So, to use this printable, you can download the PDF and print out onto a full sheet of sticker paper in your printer. The sheets I use are Avery 8165 shipping labels. I formatted the label in several sizes to fit most jars Once you print it, just cut out the size that fits your vessel best. You can use it on an antique apothecary bottle or something similar, as I did, for a flower vase. Or, you could put it on the side of a colored glass vase and pour a candle into it (or even replace an ugly candle label in a pre-poured jar). Really, it can be used on any kind of jar or vase that you would like. I’m also attaching a large 8 x 10 version if you just want to print it on regular cardstock and hang it up on the wall.


1 PETER 2-3.png
Posted on October 6, 2017 and filed under Building Your Home.