Entrusted Blog Authors

Betsy Corning
Founder & Executive Director

Betsy Corning has devoted her life to the dual cause of discipleship and family life. Her calling to ministry began in her college years when she and her husband David received extensive training in biblical discipleship through their involvement with the Navigators Ministry.

Betsy is a registered Occupational Therapist and is the Founder of Entrusted Ministries. She has extensive experience in biblical counseling as well as over 35 years in various positions of church leadership.

Her published work on parenting and family life, Entrusted with a Child’s Heart was first shared with the Moms’ ministry at their home church in 1999 and has since been distributed across the country and around the world, including several foreign language translations.

Betsy and her husband share a passion for building the body of Christ, family by family. They are the parents of three grown children and the grandparents of seven. 


Stephanie Hickox

Stephanie Hickox is a homeschooler, mom to three boys, and wife of 6 years. She is a former elementary school teacher and Focus on the Family Institute graduate. Her favorite part of the Entrusted with a Child’s Heart class was the focus on relationships and the foundation of Scripture. She resides in the Chicago suburbs and enjoys studying God’s Word, Packer football, and baking… especially if the result is chocolate cake.


Laura Irion

Laura Irion is an Interior Stylist and design blogger, mom to three kids, and wife of 11 years. She was first introduced to Entrusted Ministries through the Entrusted with a Child’s Heart class in 2007, when her oldest child was only a toddler. She credits the class with giving her foundational wisdom in parenting, and with facilitating some of her deepest friendships with other moms. She resides in the Chicago suburbs and enjoys remodeling projects, party planning, and roller coasters.