A Note from Betsy

Life can be hard; let's face it - life is hard. We desperately need to hold on tight to the One, the Only One, Jesus Christ, who can lead us through this life. He wants us to trust Him and obey Him, even when things seem to go impossibly wrong. He wants to build our faith.

For that reason, our website contains a broad spectrum of features with you in mind. Whether you are a mom seeking a quiet respite and a smile at the end of your day, a spouse discouraged by heavy circumstances in need of renewed hope and spiritual recharging, an isolated parent seeking a place of community and a word of encouragement, or a student of the Word looking for fresh biblical insights, hopefully we have something for you.

We are grateful that with all the choices and distractions in life you have chosen to spend a portion of your time as our guest. 

With Joy, 


We are tremendously grateful for the many people the Lord has provided over the years
who pray, support, and labor on behalf of families.